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Stephanie Quackenbush McGrath, the FeyWitch, has been a practicing psychic for over 30 years and is a highly intuitive psychic medium and tarot reader. Her readings are fluid, upbeat and empowering, enabling you with the tools you need to meet the challenges in your future!

  • Psychic and Tarot Readings

    Psychic and Tarot Readings

    Don’t wait another minute to empower your future with the insight and guidance. Call to schedule your reading with Stephanie today!
  • Spiritual Services

    Spiritual Services

    Life gets hectic and we bring in the essences of the stressful day into our sanctuary, our home. House blessings and Cleansings can help create a peaceful and energetically tranquil and uplifting home!
  • Spells and Rituals

    Spells and Rituals

    Spells and rituals are tailored for you to create the best experience you can. Help make the right moves to be in the right place when things do move so that you can gain the most from any situation!

All Services

  • Psychic and Tarot Readings
  • Stephanie is gifted in several areas, from seeking insight into conflict management, relationships and love issues, past life and mediumship, as well as a host of other areas. Join in with the others who have found a sense of peace, healing and guidance with a reading from Stephanie, the Fey Witch.READ MORE
  • Spells and Rituals
  • Spells and rituals are tailored for you to create the best experience you can, whether a spell cast for you or a ritual channeled and created just for you can wash away the negative blocks that are hindering your progress.READ MORE
  • Shamanism
  • Stephanie is trained in shamanic practices and is an initiate of Third Road Tradition. She has been training as a shaman since 1998 learning invaluable skills to help create the most life changing experience possible.READ MORE
  • Handfastings and Weddings
  • Fey Witch and her Gypsy Caravan are loaded with ideas and tips to make your Handfasting or Wedding a day to remember. Stop by for loads of tips, recipe’s and beautiful Bohemian style!READ MORE
  • House Cleansing
  • Home blessings and clearings help to rid one’s home of negative energies and to help bring back, peace, love, light, laughter and harmony to your hearth. In more extreme cases, banishing cleansings can be done to rid homes of negative influences that can cause an increase of activity and chaos.READ MORE

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Call to schedule your reading with Stephanie today, don’t wait another minute to empower your future with the insight and guidance of her psychic readings!

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Feel free to reach out to Stephanie to schedule your house blessing or psychic reading via the contact form (left) or any of the methods shown below.





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