Stephanie Quackenbush McGrath, the Fey Witch, has been a practicing psychic for over 30 years and is highly intuitive psychic medium and tarot reader. Her readings are fluid, upbeat and empowering, enabling you with the tools you need to meet the challenges ahead.

Stephanie is a gifted clairaudient, clairvoyant, empath and medium, and she is particularly skilled with issues surrounding, life paths, crisis management, relationships, and as well as communication across the veil. Stephanie is experienced with working with hauntings and homes with presences, with the ability to bless and cleanse homes to rid negativity and bring back positive energies.

Additionally, Stephanie is trained in shamanic practices and is an initiate of Third Road Tradition, training as a shaman since 1998 learning invaluable skills to help create the most life-changing experience possible.

Stephanie also holds a BA in History with honors and dual concentrations in US History and European History with a Minor in Fine Art Studies, she is continuing on with her Master’s Degree.

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