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Phone or Online readings are scheduled generally for half hour, hour to one and a half hour sessions typically. Rates are $30/30 minutes and $60/60 minutes, on up. The stunning results will change will life for the better, taking control of one’s future is the first step to balance, harmony, love, health, happiness, and prosperity! 

Stephanie is gifted in several areas, from seeking insight into conflict management, relationships and love issues, past life and mediumship, as well as a host of other areas. Join in with the others who have found a sense of peace, healing and guidance with a reading from Stephanie, the Fey Witch. 

Phone and Online sessions are just as powerful as an in person reading, but in person readings can be arranged, please call to schedule your reading. In-person, private readings are $120/hour, with a minimum half hour booking, please call for scheduling. 

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