A powerful spell or ritual can be just the thing that you need to jumpstart change and personal growth! Help with healing inner wounds, soul deep ties and issues of deep conflict with a spell or ritual designed just for you. Do not waste another moment living in negativity, have your home blessed or cleansed in a beautiful and uplifting ceremony to leave you feeling empowered for the future!

Spells and Rituals: $50

The spell includes a free consultation with Stephanie, online or via phone, to discuss your situation and get a handle on the best way to proceed. Most often this is done online and takes approximately 10 minutes.

Spells and rituals are tailored for you to create the best experience you can, whether a spell cast for you or a ritual channeled and created just for you can wash away the negative blocks that are hindering your progress. Don’t wait to see if something will change, help make the right moves to be in the right place when things do move so that you can gain the most from any situation.

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