In today’s world, it is important to remember the little things in life that make our more fulfilling and to help our creative and spiritual world merge with our everyday life. Life gets hectic and we bring in the essences of the stressful day into our sanctuary, our home. House blessings and Cleansings can help create a peaceful and energetically tranquil and uplifting home!

Our Many Services: Stephanie offers a wide range of spiritual services as an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. She is ordained to perform legal and civil ceremonies as well as many other spiritual or energetic services.

Shaman: She is trained in shamanic practices and is an initiate of Third Road Tradition. She has been training as a shaman since 1998 learning invaluable skills to help create the most life changing experience possible. (I’d like to link to Francesca here!

Handfasting’s and Weddings: Fey Witch and her Gypsy Caravan are loaded with ideas and tips to make your Handfasting or Wedding a day to remember. Stop by for loads of tips, recipe’s and beautiful Bohemian style! As a Witch and loving servant of the Goddess, may your day and union be blessed!

Home Blessings: Home blessings and clearings help to rid one’s home of negative energies and to help bring back, peace, love, light, laughter and harmony to your hearth. In more extreme cases, banishing cleansings can be done to rid homes of negative influences that can cause an increase of activity and chaos. These can be done regularly or whenever you feel the need to bring in loving light and positive energies into your home.

Please contact Stephanie for a free consultation of the services mentioned above, fees are flexible, reasonable and structured on a case by case basis; serving the Greater Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida, regions.

Do not waste another moment living in negativity, have your home blessed or cleansed in a beautiful and uplifting ceremony to leave you feeling empowered for the future!

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